Environmental Radioactivity Unit

- Systematic grid-wise and long-term airborne radon measurements in Cyprus using passive CR-39 track detectors, and interactive grid-wise radon maps of various
   formats and scales (geological, civil, soil, hydrological, etc.). Total of 2000 measurements in houses, schools, public buildings.
- Systematic measurements of radon in drinking water and soils all over Cyprus, using the AlphaGuard Pro, and interactive radon maps. Measurements in some
- Gamma radiation measurements in building materials used in Cyprus and dose calculations.
- Gamma radiation measurements in commonly consumed foodstuff in Cyprus and dose calculations.

The Unit is located at Frederick University / Frederick Research Center. It consists of Associate Professor Yiannis Parpottas (Head), Visiting Professor Haralabos Tsertos and Research Sceintist Dr. George Charitou. During the years, more than 50 part-time researchers, holders of M.Sc. and B.Sc. in Physics, also involved in various systematic environmental radioactivity measurements either in collecting samples or in outdoors / laboratory measurements.  

Available equipment: AlphaGuard Pro (air, water, soil), Tesla TSR4 Radon Probes, Handheld Radiation Isotope Identifier, AT1320C Gamma Activity Monitor and portable radiation monitors etc.

Custom-made software: Radon Database for PC, Tablet and Mobile devices to insert and retrieve collected data. It includes GPS, automatic calendar (date/time)
questionnarie and text fields, and gallery to upload photos from measuring spots.